Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 1)

Original Crimson Damn

Crimson Dawn: Issue One DM – DaCe

Year of Shadows, 1358 DR

  • List Of Players * Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex was on a sailboat in Impurtir, due to an unfortunate misunderstanding involving the distribution of wealth. He was attempting to avoid any further issues with the guardsmen that had incorrectly accused him of thievery. He had only been trying to show the folly of material possessions… (right)

Player Skip: (Male Halfling Rogue) Wynne had hired on to a merchant vessel, as a navigator and cartographer. (left)

Player Jeff: (Female Drow) Moonshade was hired on to a boat to work and a bodyguard and lookout. (left)

Player Steve: (Male Elf Ranger) Belthil was standing on the shore of Evermeet looking out over the sea trying to decide what to do next. (left)

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma was sailing on a ship hauling cargo from Waterdeep. He was traveling with Kel a ranger from Alden Minor. (left)

Player/DM Dave (Male Human Necromancer) Dragus Absaroke, set sail on a mission to see an aging dragon. He traveled with his Master Lucius Blackmantel. He traveled from the Dragon Lands of Gulhanus. (right)

NPC (Female Human Cleric of Pelor) Jycee Brightchild was fishing with her fellow priests on the shores of the City of Greyhawk (left)

The Taken

Rex was attacked by two large water elementals that destroyed his rowboat and dragged him under the water.

Wynne was asked to come down to the captain’s quarters, to go over some maps that where to lead to a treasure of some sort. The mage in attendance started to cast divination spells that went awry. The mage began to melt and finally exploded a acidic substance all over the room that melted thru the hull of the ship. When Wynne went to the deck of the ship to find a lifeboat and escape the ship He was also attacked by 2 water elementals that dragged him off the ship.

Moonshade was in the crows nest when her ship was attacked, she tried to see what was attacking the ship. She was unable to do this until the entire ship had been capsized and she was in the water it was then she was attacked by huge water elemental. And dragged under the sea.

Belthil was standing on the edge of the beach looking out over a peaceful ocean When all of a sudden a huge wave that was up to his knees hit him. He felt as though it where trying to pull him out to sea. He was hit by a second wave and then dragged from the land into the dark waters.

Karma and the crew of the “The Ladies Jaunt” saw another ship on the horizon and the mage on board decided to use a gust of wind to give the ship a boost, His spell went aerie and instead of Gust of Wind the mage cast Fireball. The entire back of the ship exploded, and disappeared. Karma and Kel tried to get people to life boats but were cut short when they where attacked by 4 water elementals. They was a struggle and they where pulled under the water.

Dragus was sleeping in his quarters when, the ship disappeared; there was no wreckage just all the members of the crew in the water. It was then he was attacked by water elementals and after a brief struggle dragged deep into the depths.

Jycee was standing waist deep in the ocean fishing with her fellow priest one of there favorite pastimes, When she felt the water around her ankles become solid. Before she even understood what was happening she was dragged out to sea.


The sun was bright and high as each of the adventurers awoke. Each of them was located on a strip of beach, none of them knowing how they got there. A total of 32 people where on the beach and another 13 bodies of others where to be found. All of the members of both groups had gained a brand in their right or left palm. It quickly became evident that there where two very distinct groups the humans and the other group was the non-humans, with the exception of two humans that joined that group. The humans are led by Aust a human ranger. Who seemed to have a distinct dislike of Karma.

The larger group led by Aust left the beach and headed southwest. Our adventurering group gathered what equipment they could find, and headed more northeast.

Weapons 5 cutlass swords (one MW quality) 2 short sword MW Raiper (Kel’s) 1 MW greatsword Hand Axe Sling Longbow (46 arrows) 4 matching MW daggers (all the blades have a blue hue to the steel) Nasty looking curved dagger Iron shod Quarterstaff

Armor 3 suits of Leather (1 is wet) 1 suit of MW spiked leather 1 suit of halfling size leather MW Tower Shield (w/ purple dragon) Small wooden shield (w/ painted with a large eye) Three round Helmets

Misc Healer’s Kit Waterskin (salt water) 3 Water filed Waterskins One scroll (Kel’s list) 2 bedrolls 2 sets of thieves tools Bucket (smells of urine) 4 flasks of oil Iron pot Musical instrument (pipes) 3 pitons Small Barrel of Rum Signet ring (crossed swords, still attached to hand) Grappling hook 21 scarves: 6 Red, 1 Blue, 14 Brown Sealed box, Floating sealed with Wax filled with empty journals, all types of sizes and colors Leather case, with 24 vials in it looks like water seeped in all the labels and a book inside are ruined. Only one vial still has a sigil on it Skull with a cross out going through it) the other 24 vial are of different colored fluids 7 wooden holy symbols 2 silver holy symbols Walking stick with Elven writing Trunk of women’s clothing (evening gowns, and shoes) Sealed with a lock, large leather spellbook 12ft pole Black Cloak with silver lining (human sized)

Body Male Wearing Banded Plate (Engraved w/skull and crossbones) Buckler with skull and crossbones Tabbard (skull and crossbones) Locked Gauntlet MW Bastard sword Three belt pouches Silver dagger Pouch one (Copper tube w/ green tinted glass at both ends) 26 Copper pieces Pouch two (Manacles, ruined rations, sewing needle and thread, 2 broken vials, 2 empty, and one with a sparkling clear fluid) Pouch three (4 stones) Small backpack (three outfits entertainer’s outfit, noble’s outfit and scholar’s outfit, plus a disguise kit) Necklace of a Skull and Crossbones (ruby eyes)

Mangy dog

They gathered the above equipment and moved inland until they found a location. They felt would be a good rest spot. They set up camp and began to get to know one another better. They learned that most of them where from different areas all over the realms, except some of them where from different planes. It was also then that Wynne and Rex, decided they wanted to see what was under Moonshade’s cloak and executioners hood. This turned into a fiasco, where Moonshade decided it was best for her to be away from the group for the next couple days…

The group decided to search the surrounding area (except Moonshade) and they came across a group of Goblins and Hobgoblins. Whom they swiftly defeated, but not before the death of Kel who had arrived with Karma. But the found out that the goblins where called “Eye” and when they followed the survivors

It was after this battle that the group decided to stay close to the caravan for mutual protection, even though they did not agree with all of the politics of the caravan. This was also the time that they found another survivor Brea, a human with spots similar to a leopard


Kel – Human Male Ranger (DECEASED) came to Krolos with Karma, died in a battle with goblins.

Aust – Human Male Ranger leads the second group of arrivals, took a instant dislike to Karma and most of the other non-humans, seems to be the main reason the group split up.

White Rabbit – Human Female Ranger, local to Krolos seems to be the guardian of Weston

Weston the Green – Elderly Human Male Druid, local to Krolos seems to be a spiritual leader of the refugees

Lord Dorma – Human Male Aristocrat, local to Korlos noblemen who is apart of the refugees.

Kragis – Human Male Servitor, local to Korlos, he seems to be the leader of the servitors



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