Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 2)

Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Two DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Jeff: (Female Drow) Moonshade

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma

Player Suzanne: (Female Changeling Druid) Brea

The members sat around a fire to get to know each other, when Weston shared tale of a granary that was located several days travel to the north. The group decided to split up half the group went to the granary to get food for the caravan of survivors.

The traveled into the forest until the group came across a pathway in the tree line. They quickly learned that any foliage that was in the pathway seemed thicker and more lush. They also noticed it look to lead directly towards the location they where heading so they decided to use it to travel on. Almost immediately Brea the druid felt a euphoric surge of power when she entered the area, her senses seemed acute and heightened. The group traveled along the path keeping an eye on the druid who did not seem to be aversely effected by the area. Until the group was able to see the back of a building and a rather large head that loomed over it.

It was then that the group moved off the path and spied on the village. It looked to be over run by several goblins and hobgoblins. They where using the humans as slave labor to load up a huge tarp that was harnessed to a large Cyclops. After watching the scene for sometime the group noticed that the goblins kept the humans in line with whips and the Hobgoblins seemed to be keeping the Cyclops in line with whips and swords.

After a bit of time they decided on attempting to free the giant and the humans. They set to their task, they first attempted to make the hobgoblins and goblins believe that Karma was one of their numbers, it did attract the attention of several of them. But eventually it became a brawl. It was then they learned that the goblins had a leader. He seemed to be a bugbear shaman and cast several spells at them. Even with this distraction they group freed the giant and eventually got it to turn on its masters. Once the battle was won they learned that the Shaman, named Biga Prik, had escaped from one of the barns. The group was unable to determine where he had gone or how we had escaped. The druid also let the party know that it looked like 2 separate lines of magical power crossed here and that where they crossed was even more powerful than the single line they had walked earlier. That night a glowing purple hue could be seen in the sky over the destroyed village.

The giant assisted the group with dragging the grain back to the caravan, which the leaders of the caravan where immediately and deeply concerned about the giants presence.


Biga Prik – Bugbear Shaman, was a leader of Hobgoblins and Goblins, they where defeated but Biga escaped

Cyclops – Cyclops Slave, freed by the group, drags a hug tarp behind him he has had his tongue removed and has countless scars, he also bears deep wounds from the harness he wore.



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