Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 3)

Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Three DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Jeff: (Female Drow) Moonshade

Player Suzanne: (Female Changeling Druid) Brea

The group tried to calm the caravan’s fears about the giant, and even though it seemed pointless. After they had rested for a short bit they once again began to travel northeast.

After traveling for a half day they came to a fork in the road, one road led north to other cities of Krolos. They had heard rumor that these cities had fallen to the hordes of the north, but were not assured of their destruction. And the other path led to Freehold, the renegade section of Krolos that had broken away from the country and was naturally protected from the onslaught of the invading hordes.

The only thing that stood between the caravan and Freehold was a group of madmen known as the Reavers. Members of the caravan told the party members about the Reavers. How they wore red scarves that where very similar to the Krolos militaries red scarves. They also told stories of several of the Reavers atrocities, stealing children, eating people, and many more.

Three members of the group acted as scouts for the main caravan. Rex, Moonshade and Bree where members of this scout party, the rest of the party stayed with the caravan.. The group travel for half a day when the came across a natural land bridge that crossed a river. After briefly looking over the bridge, they noticed a figure calmly watching them. A bard looked at them smiled and began to play a song on his Lute, He was wearing brown leather armor, and wore a long red scarf with a swirl pattern

They immediately suspected he was a member of the Reavers and asked him how they could help him. The bard asked for a fairly steep toll to cross the land bridge, starting at silver per person. He later gave the group a couple other options. A, leave the giants with him (Cyclops and Karma) or B, for every 10 people one child. The group briefly thought over the proposals and then decided to simply ignore the bard and press on. The group slowly made it past the bard, who simply played music and waved at the children as they passed.

The caravan moved for a couple hours before they came into view of a single tower emitting red flame. Rex broke off from the main group and decided to investigate the tower. Once he was well away from the rest of the caravan, he was attacked. At the same time the entire caravan was attacked. Large barbarian looking Reaver’s appeared with smaller more dangerous looking ones on leashes. The larger ones looked physically larger and a meaner. The smaller one where completely cover in leather armor, and had nasty inward pointed spikes, it looked as though the spikes where used to hold whom ever they caught prisoner. They somehow appeared next to the caravan and immediately began to try and capture children. Once they had a child in there arms they started to disappear with their captives.

The group did their best to fend off the Reaver but 7 children where captured, Wayne the group’s, Halfling mapmaker and one of the noblemen’s bodyguard where also teleported away from the caravan.


Unnamed Bard:




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