Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 4)

Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Four DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma

Player Steve: (Male Human) Jaeron

The caravan still was suffering from the loss of the children in the Reaver attack, when they finally moved forward to put some distance between them and the Reaver’s. Rex and Karma both tired to investigate the tower that was emitting the red flame. Neither one of them could find any entrance to the tower. After investigating for some time they rejoined the caravan.

After about an hour of travel the group was informed by some of the people towards the back of the line, that they had seen a huge bug creature following them. The group decided to slowly move to the back of the caravan and investigate the rumors. After letting the entire caravan pass the group waited and after a short time a large insectiod slowly approached them. They where unable to communicate with it, but they did find that it also had a tattoo like theirs. After a bit of pantomime they got it to follow them back to the head of the caravan. Once again the caravan was a buzz of whispers as there new companion joined them.

It was only another half day when the caravan suddenly came to a stop. All the members of the caravan suddenly started to take cover and try to hide anyway they could from an angry looking storm cloud that was heading towards them. The Party was confused until they heard one of the people say the “burning rain” was coming. They found cover as best they could when the noticed man walking towards them, he was stumbling and not wearing clothing. The group quickly got him to cover. Everyone for the most part got covered only a couple people did not, they where burned by a acidic rain. The inscetiod did not seek cover and did not seem to be effected by the rain. Once the rain was over Dragus and Jaycee attended to the people that ware injured.

The new arrival asked for some clothing and was quickly give a cloak to cover up with. He sat down near the inscetiod and introduced himself as Jaeron. The party was amazed when he was able to communicate with him. It was then that they found out it’s name was Xickst and he was a Ranger. It was also then that is was found out Jaeron had no memory of who he was other than his name, and he had no idea why he was able to communicate with Xickst. The only memory he did have was walking down a long path that was important to remember even though he did not know why.

The group slowly recovered and decided that they needed to continue down the path towards Freehold. Over the next hill they came to a small hut surrounded by huge sunflowers. The door was shut and the party approached it as the caravan continued forward. After knocking on the door for sometime the door was opened by an old man named Jesp. He told them to move on, and was fairly argumentative. The group finally decided that the caravan should wait here for them to go investigate the pathway Jaeron had spoken of.

Karma, Rex, Jaycee, Jaeron, Dragus and Xickst decided to be the group to investigate the pathway. They traveled for a full day before making camp at the base a few miles from the mountain. During the evening watch Dragus was kidnapped, when the others awoke there was no sign of where he had gone. Unable to track him the group continued to move towards their destination. With Jaeron’s direction they where able to find the entrance to a pass through the mountains, it was naturally camouflaged and difficult to see until they where right on it. The group traveled down the pass, until they got to a massive valley surrounded by the mountains.

Once the group was inside the valley they realized that it was growing late and they decided to setup camp and light a fire. They had begun to settle into camp when the reavers attacked. The main force concentrated on Karma, and their leader fought Rex. Karma began to fall in the battle when Jaycee dived to his rescue, and quickly cured him. Karma saw that Rex was about to fall to the leader’s blade, and he jumped into save the gnome. Unfortunately this left Jaycee open for several attacks and she fell. The battle raged on for some time with the heroes eventually winning the battle. The group tried but it was to late to save Jaycee.

The group rested as best they could but heard sounds of battle coming from deeper in the valley they also felt a huge rush of air. And saw the moon blocked out by a dark shape.

When the morning came they slowly moved to a camp that looked to be the Reavers home base. Outside in a large iron cage they found Dragus locked up but otherwise unharmed. In the main complex they found the bodies of the remaining reavers clawed to death. They also found the children that had been taken the day before. They also found the dead bodies of Wayne and the noble guardsman. In this same room they found a large table with 8 sets of blue gems on it, the gems seemed to match the one on the Reavers that teleported.

The also found a blocked doorway that had a bird symbol similar to the one on their hands. It looked to be barred so something could not get out. The group removed the blockade and Rex moved to investigate. Once he stepped through the door, it slammed behind him. He could see he was standing in a very large crypt with hundreds of stone coffins to either side of him. He then saw ghostly figures approaching him menacingly. He instinctively raised his had hand showing the brand, the ghosts halted their advance,

After what seemed like an eternity, an old looking gnome ghost approached Rex and spoke the following “My son, you and the others have all been brought here from many worlds, to protect this land from a great evil. You are the descendants of the original protectors of the lands. Generations have passed, but you are each important and have an important role to fill in the survival of this land.”

After they spoke the ghosts disappeared and the door opened and Rex was able to leave the tomb.


Xickst: Thrikren Ranger

Old Man Jesp



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