Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 5)

Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Five DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma

Player Suzanne: (Female Changeling Druid) Brea

After finding the tomb of the heroes, the group searched the main hall room this is where they found a very large table with blue gems spaced around it. After they had some time with it they realized that this is what the Reavers used to teleport. They found circlets on the ground and those with any spellcasting abilities could see the area around the tower outside the complex. They could also see when people entered the area, they took some time and figured out that the bracers that the Reavers wore was how they where teleporting back and forth

In the valley they found several structures all of which looked in great disrepair. The main structure was a barrack, it was covered in filth and looks as if it was the main sleeping quarters for all of the Reavers. They set several of their members on the task of cleaning the building. They also found fresh water spring in the southeast end of the valley. It looked to be a good source of water for the valley. It also seemed to be the reason that the foliage was so well grown in the area.

Rex, Karma and Brea continued to search the valley, the next major area they found was a medium sized cave, 50 or so feet up the mountainside. Rex and Karma climb up the side of the mountain to be assaulted by the sounds and smell of a large colony of bats. Rex decided to investigate further and travel into the cave, very shortly he was ankle deep in bat guano. It was then that a over whelming sense of horror hit him, and he slipped and crawled his way as fast as he could toward the exit. He rushed towards the cave entrance, where Karma still clung to the wall. Karma attempted to stop the terrorized gnome, but both got knocked from the wall in the process. After the fall Rex continued to run away, as Karma caught his breath. Rex was stopped when he fell into a covered well. It was sometime after that he calmed down enough to climb out of the well. By this time Karma and Brea both reached him. They decided to leave the cave alone for the time being.

That night at the campfire it was discussed the possible causes of the fear. Dragus began to ask Rex exactly how he felt and what had happened. After the line of discussion Dragus was pretty sure That Rex and the others had in fact encountered a dragon. And after the sounds he had heard when the Reavers where attack he was pretty sure it had destroyed them. The group asked Dragus how they should try and communicate with the dragon, Dragus responded with “The dragon has most likely listened in on our entire conversation.”

At that Dragus rose from the in front of the fire and began to slowly speak in hisses and strange guttural sounds. After his continued for about 15 minutes and much louder and deeper voice spoke back. After hearing the dragon speak Dragus calmly sat back down. They indeed had a dragon as a neighbor and it didn’t want to speak with them

The next day Dragus alerted the members of a fast moving single entity on the road, it turned out to be a messenger for Freehold. The spoke with the rider named Berbie and sent word back to Freehold that this section of the road was no longer under the control of the Reavers. They also let them know that they wished to see if trade could happen between them and Freehold.

12 days of hard work passed and the refuges slowly cleaned up the valley area, it was then that Dragus and Weston saw a group of riders on the main road. They turned out to be a group of emissaries from Freehold and they got tour of the Keep and the surrounding area. Rex saw a child with copper colored hair and eyes. He chased the child, and once they where around the corner he was grabbed by the dragon and taken on a long flight of twists, turns and dives.


Wizard: Justice Holcourt : Scout: Berbie



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