Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 6)

Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Six DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma

Player Suzanne: (Female Changeling Druid) Brea

Player Jeff: (Female Drow Priestess) Moonshade

Player Robert: (Male Dwarf Barbarian) GulotNo!

When last we left our heroes, Rex had been hijacked by a copper dragon, after several hours of twists, turns, and dives. Rex was safely returned to the valley where he promptly lost his lunch and turned 4 shades of green. Information found out from this trip was the dragon name was ”Lindwurm”

The delegation took interest in Rex’s disappearance and dramatic return, but where for the most part unaware of the dragon’s presence. They did decide to open talks on trade with the location. They also decided that the messenger Berbie was to stay behind as a liaison between Freehold and the settlement. Berbie did not seem 100% pleased with this. The delegation did decide to give the group a map to another tower that was outside of there area. Once the delegation left, the group prepared to leave.

Dragus alerted the group to the appearance of three figures that had entered the towers field. The team quickly sent out Rex and Karma to investigate. What they found was a small group consisting of a dwarf human and an elf. The dwarf seemed to be in front of the other two and spoke allot. He was quick to introduce himself as Gulot NO! He also showed Rex a list of quest his clan had asked him to perform, this was actually a note from his clan leaders that said he was a good dwarf and needed a good home. It also specifically stated NOT to bind him. The human was a blind bard by the name of Rai, he was very interested in where they where and how they had gotten there. He was also able to use the teleporting table with easy. The last member of the group was a quiet female that was elvish, or looked elvish. She didn’t say a word and kept to herself. The group instantly brought them all back to the keep and GulotNo! joined the party.

Once back Dragus took the group back to the crypt that he had made his living quarters. He showed them where two new doors had appeared. He had been trying to get into the Left door but had been unable. Rex opened the door without effort. Inside they found new tombs, 8 of which where filled. There where enough spares in the tombs for around 400 people. GulotNo!, used his dwarven abilities to figure out that this location had been built by somebody. They found that Dragus could open the Right handed side and there where the same amount of crypts and only 3 of them where full. They did find that Kel and Jaycee where in the tomb on the left.

The group pondered this for a short time and then decided to investigate the map to the second tower that the delegation for Freehold gave them. They traveled for 3 days without incident when Brea “felt” another line of energy that made her feel good. That night was the first bump in their travels, during Rex’s watch he saw a silent horse and rider that where emitting a eerie fog as they came close to the camp. The horse was black and could hardly be seen, the rider wore a black platemail that made little noise as he rode by. Rex quickly scooped up a rock and threw it at the ride. The rock missed its mark but it did gather the attention of the rider. Who then stopped his horse and looked at the gnome. Mist surrounded both the horse and rider and suddenly the armored warrior was on the ground and move quickly towards the Gnome. Rex began to quickly wake up his comrades. The warrior silently rushed in and stuck Rex twice. By this time Karma had awoken and moved to intercept the fighter. As Karma attempted to wrestle the warrior, he became mist and drifted away. They group searched the area and the only thing they found was that one of Rex’s Daggers had been removed and replaced with a much more menacing curved dagger. The only other thing that happened that night was they saw several orange glowing eyes in the surrounding tree line, but when investigated it turned out to be a false alarm.

The next day the group found they where only a short distance from a village. They could see no activity when they approached the village. The slowly walk through it, the entire time feeling like they were being watched. In the center of the small village was a statue of the warrior they had faced the night before. The overall feeling in the village was one of oppression and loss. They decided to move on quickly.

When they travel past the village they found a spot where all of a sudden the ground seemed to be attacking them, entangling them. GultoNo!, went berserk when he found that he was unable to move. He attacked Karma and lucky did little harm to the big man. Brea investigated once GultoNo! calmed down. She saw a large oak tree that seemed to give off a aura of some sort. She quickly said some prayers and had the party avoid the area.

On the other side of the grove they traveled about a half day when they found themselves near the edge of a large swamp. They had to trudge through thigh deep (human) water and when they got to the other side they found themselves covered in leeches. Most everyone tired to get the leeches off except GulotNo! who seemed to like them.

They finally arrived at the tower which was covered in flowers and roses. It was then that Brea saw a ghostly figure tending the garden. After introductions, the ghost asked Brea to retrieve a particular Rose bush from the mountainside a days travel to the southwest. Brea set off on the task. GulotNo! had a small run in with a Crocodile, and the party rested. Brea with the use of spells found the white pedaled rose with red tips and blue spots. She returned the rose to the ghost. The ghost asked her to watch over the tower’s plant life, gave her some seeds and disappeared. The ghost also told her that the rose she had returned was called the Crimson Dawn and that was the seeds she had been given.

The tower’s red flame lit up and the team was able to return to the keep thru the table.

NPC: Copper Dragon: Lindwurm



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