Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 7)

Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Seven DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma

Player Suzanne: (Female Changeling Druid) Brea

Player Robert: (Male Dwarf Barbarian) GulotNo!

Player Steve: (Male Human Rogue) Jearon

Prominent NPC: Dragus Absaroke:Male Human Necromancer Dragus Absaroke Xickst: Thrikren Ranger

New NPC: War: Warforge Ariel: Human Female Sorceress Desmond: Human Male Wizard Solana Ava: Human Female Sorceress Sabriel: Elven Female Ranger

The group returned from the second tower and underwent a debriefing; they discovered a few things about the area that they had been in. One of the most prominent was the fact that the village they had traveled through showed no signs of life. Dragus decided to do some further research on the location. Rex agreed to test the table further once they where ready. The lastly found out Weston had been very ill during their absence and had been rest most of the time of their absence

Rex took the downtime to get to attempt to get to get into the dragon’s lair. This time he took GulotNo with him. The first attempt Rex sent GulotNo into the cave and he became affected by the dragon’s fear aura. Rex watched as GulotNo fell from the cave and ran away. He started to follow GulotNo, when he suddenly found himself in the area of effect and became horrified himself. The next time Rex decided to have GulotNo tie him to a tree. Once tied GulotNo attempted to go and tell the dragon Rex was out side tied to a tree, when he once again became scared and ran away. Rex was left by himself, tired to a tree. So Rex decided to shoot insults at the dragon. Once GulotNo and Karma returned to the cave they found Rex still tied to the tree, but immersed in bat guano and steaming dragon poop. The next day, GulotNo tied Rex to a tree but this time with slack enough that he could walk toward the cave. This time when GulotNo was affected by the dragon fear it sent him into a rage and he attacked Rex. Once GulotNo and Rex calmed down they decided to leave the dragon alone for a short period.

A couple days later, While Rex was testing the table as requested by Dragus, he ended up in a black room. His bracer’s gem was glowing blue, and giving off enough light to look around. He found a beat up statue that looked like it had been there for a long time. He also saw a hallway, and when he started to go towards it he heard an odd sound that sounded like shuffling and maybe a whimper. A nude dirty and filth encrusted human female ran towards Rex, He quickly pushed the glowing gem on the bracer and was returned to the table room. Dragus and Rai tried to question him about where he had gone to. Rex, refused to answer and quickly went back to the room to retrieve the girl. Once they ported her out of the location they had some of the women of the Keep take her and try and help her, it was obvious she had not been eating in some time. After the group made sure she was safe and in good hands they went to research the location.

The group searched the location and found a metal door down the pathway and a hole that looked burned into the wall. The door looked similar to the one on the crypt back at the Keep. The group pushed it open and found themselves in an Armory, there where 40 suits of armor (DM Note: there where suits of MW for each member of the group. These will be listed our completely soon) they also found another door to the right this was a large weaponry room that was filled with several types of masterwork weapons (DM Note: These will be listed our completely soon) They then investigated the hole in the wall. It was big enough for a man to walk thru, they quickly realized this is where the smell of death was coming from. Once they got inside they found another Human female this one was partially eaten, and looked to have been dead for less than a week. The group also found several items (DM Note: These will be listed our completely soon) in this area.

They barely had anytime to rest before Rai pointed out something in region two that he found interesting. There was a group traveling across the Northwest corner of the area. The interesting part was one of the individuals was showing blue on the field. The party decided to go to the location and investigate, so they teleported in front of the other group. When the group finally crested the last hill, they stopped, and retreated. So after a short cat and mouse game, the party teleported right in front of the other group. It was then that Brea saw that one of the members was a warforged from her homeland. She told GultoNo! he needed to be taken down so GultoNo! attacked the warforged. After this it took a bit to get both teams to stop their attacks and talk. Once the two groups talked they realized that the where both marked with the symbol in their palms. After a long discussion the new group accompanied the party back to the keep, due to a promise to learn more about why they where here.

The second group consisted of

Ariel: Human Female Sorceress The leader of the group, she is a sorceress that specializes in cold magic.

War: Warforge A large construct, that seems to protect Ariel.

Desmond: Human Male Wizard Quite and reserved, but is very polite.

Solana Ava: Human Female Sorceress Quite and shy

Sabriel: Elven Female Ranger Aggressive and a no crap type person

Ariel later explained that several members of this group had met on the same beach as Rex and the others. She also told them that upon leaving the beach they followed Aust until one of the other followers decided to leave Aust and they decided to join the dissenters. They went back to the original beach where they found War. Ariel figured out how to “get him to work”. They followed the beach East, where they where attacked by Hobgoblins and Goblins that where apart of “The Eye”. They lost several of there members including there leader. They kept traveling near the coast, and turned inward when they got closer to Freehold.

Dragus and Desmond, quickly decided to swap spells, since they both where wizards. Ariel, War and Solana Ava Spend most of their time around the Keep grounds helping where they can. Sabriel, spends time around the Valley, allot of it sunbathing near the pool of spring water.

A couple days later a group is seen running across Region One, they look to be heading towards the secret entrance of the Keep. The group teleports in the direct path of the 6 people who turn out to be Reavers. A large battle ensues where both side quickly and brutally try to destroy each other. Karma is killed by the leader of the Reavers. It is shortly thereafter that Ariel and War, teleport in and assist in taking down the leader. GultoNo! takes out the cleric of the Reavers. The group slowly tries to recover and assess the loss of one of their members.

So ends session seven.



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