Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 7)
Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Seven DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma

Player Suzanne: (Female Changeling Druid) Brea

Player Robert: (Male Dwarf Barbarian) GulotNo!

Player Steve: (Male Human Rogue) Jearon

Prominent NPC: Dragus Absaroke:Male Human Necromancer Dragus Absaroke Xickst: Thrikren Ranger

New NPC: War: Warforge Ariel: Human Female Sorceress Desmond: Human Male Wizard Solana Ava: Human Female Sorceress Sabriel: Elven Female Ranger

The group returned from the second tower and underwent a debriefing; they discovered a few things about the area that they had been in. One of the most prominent was the fact that the village they had traveled through showed no signs of life. Dragus decided to do some further research on the location. Rex agreed to test the table further once they where ready. The lastly found out Weston had been very ill during their absence and had been rest most of the time of their absence

Rex took the downtime to get to attempt to get to get into the dragon’s lair. This time he took GulotNo with him. The first attempt Rex sent GulotNo into the cave and he became affected by the dragon’s fear aura. Rex watched as GulotNo fell from the cave and ran away. He started to follow GulotNo, when he suddenly found himself in the area of effect and became horrified himself. The next time Rex decided to have GulotNo tie him to a tree. Once tied GulotNo attempted to go and tell the dragon Rex was out side tied to a tree, when he once again became scared and ran away. Rex was left by himself, tired to a tree. So Rex decided to shoot insults at the dragon. Once GulotNo and Karma returned to the cave they found Rex still tied to the tree, but immersed in bat guano and steaming dragon poop. The next day, GulotNo tied Rex to a tree but this time with slack enough that he could walk toward the cave. This time when GulotNo was affected by the dragon fear it sent him into a rage and he attacked Rex. Once GulotNo and Rex calmed down they decided to leave the dragon alone for a short period.

A couple days later, While Rex was testing the table as requested by Dragus, he ended up in a black room. His bracer’s gem was glowing blue, and giving off enough light to look around. He found a beat up statue that looked like it had been there for a long time. He also saw a hallway, and when he started to go towards it he heard an odd sound that sounded like shuffling and maybe a whimper. A nude dirty and filth encrusted human female ran towards Rex, He quickly pushed the glowing gem on the bracer and was returned to the table room. Dragus and Rai tried to question him about where he had gone to. Rex, refused to answer and quickly went back to the room to retrieve the girl. Once they ported her out of the location they had some of the women of the Keep take her and try and help her, it was obvious she had not been eating in some time. After the group made sure she was safe and in good hands they went to research the location.

The group searched the location and found a metal door down the pathway and a hole that looked burned into the wall. The door looked similar to the one on the crypt back at the Keep. The group pushed it open and found themselves in an Armory, there where 40 suits of armor (DM Note: there where suits of MW for each member of the group. These will be listed our completely soon) they also found another door to the right this was a large weaponry room that was filled with several types of masterwork weapons (DM Note: These will be listed our completely soon) They then investigated the hole in the wall. It was big enough for a man to walk thru, they quickly realized this is where the smell of death was coming from. Once they got inside they found another Human female this one was partially eaten, and looked to have been dead for less than a week. The group also found several items (DM Note: These will be listed our completely soon) in this area.

They barely had anytime to rest before Rai pointed out something in region two that he found interesting. There was a group traveling across the Northwest corner of the area. The interesting part was one of the individuals was showing blue on the field. The party decided to go to the location and investigate, so they teleported in front of the other group. When the group finally crested the last hill, they stopped, and retreated. So after a short cat and mouse game, the party teleported right in front of the other group. It was then that Brea saw that one of the members was a warforged from her homeland. She told GultoNo! he needed to be taken down so GultoNo! attacked the warforged. After this it took a bit to get both teams to stop their attacks and talk. Once the two groups talked they realized that the where both marked with the symbol in their palms. After a long discussion the new group accompanied the party back to the keep, due to a promise to learn more about why they where here.

The second group consisted of

Ariel: Human Female Sorceress The leader of the group, she is a sorceress that specializes in cold magic.

War: Warforge A large construct, that seems to protect Ariel.

Desmond: Human Male Wizard Quite and reserved, but is very polite.

Solana Ava: Human Female Sorceress Quite and shy

Sabriel: Elven Female Ranger Aggressive and a no crap type person

Ariel later explained that several members of this group had met on the same beach as Rex and the others. She also told them that upon leaving the beach they followed Aust until one of the other followers decided to leave Aust and they decided to join the dissenters. They went back to the original beach where they found War. Ariel figured out how to “get him to work”. They followed the beach East, where they where attacked by Hobgoblins and Goblins that where apart of “The Eye”. They lost several of there members including there leader. They kept traveling near the coast, and turned inward when they got closer to Freehold.

Dragus and Desmond, quickly decided to swap spells, since they both where wizards. Ariel, War and Solana Ava Spend most of their time around the Keep grounds helping where they can. Sabriel, spends time around the Valley, allot of it sunbathing near the pool of spring water.

A couple days later a group is seen running across Region One, they look to be heading towards the secret entrance of the Keep. The group teleports in the direct path of the 6 people who turn out to be Reavers. A large battle ensues where both side quickly and brutally try to destroy each other. Karma is killed by the leader of the Reavers. It is shortly thereafter that Ariel and War, teleport in and assist in taking down the leader. GultoNo! takes out the cleric of the Reavers. The group slowly tries to recover and assess the loss of one of their members.

So ends session seven.

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 6)
Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Six DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma

Player Suzanne: (Female Changeling Druid) Brea

Player Jeff: (Female Drow Priestess) Moonshade

Player Robert: (Male Dwarf Barbarian) GulotNo!

When last we left our heroes, Rex had been hijacked by a copper dragon, after several hours of twists, turns, and dives. Rex was safely returned to the valley where he promptly lost his lunch and turned 4 shades of green. Information found out from this trip was the dragon name was ”Lindwurm”

The delegation took interest in Rex’s disappearance and dramatic return, but where for the most part unaware of the dragon’s presence. They did decide to open talks on trade with the location. They also decided that the messenger Berbie was to stay behind as a liaison between Freehold and the settlement. Berbie did not seem 100% pleased with this. The delegation did decide to give the group a map to another tower that was outside of there area. Once the delegation left, the group prepared to leave.

Dragus alerted the group to the appearance of three figures that had entered the towers field. The team quickly sent out Rex and Karma to investigate. What they found was a small group consisting of a dwarf human and an elf. The dwarf seemed to be in front of the other two and spoke allot. He was quick to introduce himself as Gulot NO! He also showed Rex a list of quest his clan had asked him to perform, this was actually a note from his clan leaders that said he was a good dwarf and needed a good home. It also specifically stated NOT to bind him. The human was a blind bard by the name of Rai, he was very interested in where they where and how they had gotten there. He was also able to use the teleporting table with easy. The last member of the group was a quiet female that was elvish, or looked elvish. She didn’t say a word and kept to herself. The group instantly brought them all back to the keep and GulotNo! joined the party.

Once back Dragus took the group back to the crypt that he had made his living quarters. He showed them where two new doors had appeared. He had been trying to get into the Left door but had been unable. Rex opened the door without effort. Inside they found new tombs, 8 of which where filled. There where enough spares in the tombs for around 400 people. GulotNo!, used his dwarven abilities to figure out that this location had been built by somebody. They found that Dragus could open the Right handed side and there where the same amount of crypts and only 3 of them where full. They did find that Kel and Jaycee where in the tomb on the left.

The group pondered this for a short time and then decided to investigate the map to the second tower that the delegation for Freehold gave them. They traveled for 3 days without incident when Brea “felt” another line of energy that made her feel good. That night was the first bump in their travels, during Rex’s watch he saw a silent horse and rider that where emitting a eerie fog as they came close to the camp. The horse was black and could hardly be seen, the rider wore a black platemail that made little noise as he rode by. Rex quickly scooped up a rock and threw it at the ride. The rock missed its mark but it did gather the attention of the rider. Who then stopped his horse and looked at the gnome. Mist surrounded both the horse and rider and suddenly the armored warrior was on the ground and move quickly towards the Gnome. Rex began to quickly wake up his comrades. The warrior silently rushed in and stuck Rex twice. By this time Karma had awoken and moved to intercept the fighter. As Karma attempted to wrestle the warrior, he became mist and drifted away. They group searched the area and the only thing they found was that one of Rex’s Daggers had been removed and replaced with a much more menacing curved dagger. The only other thing that happened that night was they saw several orange glowing eyes in the surrounding tree line, but when investigated it turned out to be a false alarm.

The next day the group found they where only a short distance from a village. They could see no activity when they approached the village. The slowly walk through it, the entire time feeling like they were being watched. In the center of the small village was a statue of the warrior they had faced the night before. The overall feeling in the village was one of oppression and loss. They decided to move on quickly.

When they travel past the village they found a spot where all of a sudden the ground seemed to be attacking them, entangling them. GultoNo!, went berserk when he found that he was unable to move. He attacked Karma and lucky did little harm to the big man. Brea investigated once GultoNo! calmed down. She saw a large oak tree that seemed to give off a aura of some sort. She quickly said some prayers and had the party avoid the area.

On the other side of the grove they traveled about a half day when they found themselves near the edge of a large swamp. They had to trudge through thigh deep (human) water and when they got to the other side they found themselves covered in leeches. Most everyone tired to get the leeches off except GulotNo! who seemed to like them.

They finally arrived at the tower which was covered in flowers and roses. It was then that Brea saw a ghostly figure tending the garden. After introductions, the ghost asked Brea to retrieve a particular Rose bush from the mountainside a days travel to the southwest. Brea set off on the task. GulotNo! had a small run in with a Crocodile, and the party rested. Brea with the use of spells found the white pedaled rose with red tips and blue spots. She returned the rose to the ghost. The ghost asked her to watch over the tower’s plant life, gave her some seeds and disappeared. The ghost also told her that the rose she had returned was called the Crimson Dawn and that was the seeds she had been given.

The tower’s red flame lit up and the team was able to return to the keep thru the table.

NPC: Copper Dragon: Lindwurm

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 5)
Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Five DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma

Player Suzanne: (Female Changeling Druid) Brea

After finding the tomb of the heroes, the group searched the main hall room this is where they found a very large table with blue gems spaced around it. After they had some time with it they realized that this is what the Reavers used to teleport. They found circlets on the ground and those with any spellcasting abilities could see the area around the tower outside the complex. They could also see when people entered the area, they took some time and figured out that the bracers that the Reavers wore was how they where teleporting back and forth

In the valley they found several structures all of which looked in great disrepair. The main structure was a barrack, it was covered in filth and looks as if it was the main sleeping quarters for all of the Reavers. They set several of their members on the task of cleaning the building. They also found fresh water spring in the southeast end of the valley. It looked to be a good source of water for the valley. It also seemed to be the reason that the foliage was so well grown in the area.

Rex, Karma and Brea continued to search the valley, the next major area they found was a medium sized cave, 50 or so feet up the mountainside. Rex and Karma climb up the side of the mountain to be assaulted by the sounds and smell of a large colony of bats. Rex decided to investigate further and travel into the cave, very shortly he was ankle deep in bat guano. It was then that a over whelming sense of horror hit him, and he slipped and crawled his way as fast as he could toward the exit. He rushed towards the cave entrance, where Karma still clung to the wall. Karma attempted to stop the terrorized gnome, but both got knocked from the wall in the process. After the fall Rex continued to run away, as Karma caught his breath. Rex was stopped when he fell into a covered well. It was sometime after that he calmed down enough to climb out of the well. By this time Karma and Brea both reached him. They decided to leave the cave alone for the time being.

That night at the campfire it was discussed the possible causes of the fear. Dragus began to ask Rex exactly how he felt and what had happened. After the line of discussion Dragus was pretty sure That Rex and the others had in fact encountered a dragon. And after the sounds he had heard when the Reavers where attack he was pretty sure it had destroyed them. The group asked Dragus how they should try and communicate with the dragon, Dragus responded with “The dragon has most likely listened in on our entire conversation.”

At that Dragus rose from the in front of the fire and began to slowly speak in hisses and strange guttural sounds. After his continued for about 15 minutes and much louder and deeper voice spoke back. After hearing the dragon speak Dragus calmly sat back down. They indeed had a dragon as a neighbor and it didn’t want to speak with them

The next day Dragus alerted the members of a fast moving single entity on the road, it turned out to be a messenger for Freehold. The spoke with the rider named Berbie and sent word back to Freehold that this section of the road was no longer under the control of the Reavers. They also let them know that they wished to see if trade could happen between them and Freehold.

12 days of hard work passed and the refuges slowly cleaned up the valley area, it was then that Dragus and Weston saw a group of riders on the main road. They turned out to be a group of emissaries from Freehold and they got tour of the Keep and the surrounding area. Rex saw a child with copper colored hair and eyes. He chased the child, and once they where around the corner he was grabbed by the dragon and taken on a long flight of twists, turns and dives.


Wizard: Justice Holcourt : Scout: Berbie

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 4)
Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Four DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma

Player Steve: (Male Human) Jaeron

The caravan still was suffering from the loss of the children in the Reaver attack, when they finally moved forward to put some distance between them and the Reaver’s. Rex and Karma both tired to investigate the tower that was emitting the red flame. Neither one of them could find any entrance to the tower. After investigating for some time they rejoined the caravan.

After about an hour of travel the group was informed by some of the people towards the back of the line, that they had seen a huge bug creature following them. The group decided to slowly move to the back of the caravan and investigate the rumors. After letting the entire caravan pass the group waited and after a short time a large insectiod slowly approached them. They where unable to communicate with it, but they did find that it also had a tattoo like theirs. After a bit of pantomime they got it to follow them back to the head of the caravan. Once again the caravan was a buzz of whispers as there new companion joined them.

It was only another half day when the caravan suddenly came to a stop. All the members of the caravan suddenly started to take cover and try to hide anyway they could from an angry looking storm cloud that was heading towards them. The Party was confused until they heard one of the people say the “burning rain” was coming. They found cover as best they could when the noticed man walking towards them, he was stumbling and not wearing clothing. The group quickly got him to cover. Everyone for the most part got covered only a couple people did not, they where burned by a acidic rain. The inscetiod did not seek cover and did not seem to be effected by the rain. Once the rain was over Dragus and Jaycee attended to the people that ware injured.

The new arrival asked for some clothing and was quickly give a cloak to cover up with. He sat down near the inscetiod and introduced himself as Jaeron. The party was amazed when he was able to communicate with him. It was then that they found out it’s name was Xickst and he was a Ranger. It was also then that is was found out Jaeron had no memory of who he was other than his name, and he had no idea why he was able to communicate with Xickst. The only memory he did have was walking down a long path that was important to remember even though he did not know why.

The group slowly recovered and decided that they needed to continue down the path towards Freehold. Over the next hill they came to a small hut surrounded by huge sunflowers. The door was shut and the party approached it as the caravan continued forward. After knocking on the door for sometime the door was opened by an old man named Jesp. He told them to move on, and was fairly argumentative. The group finally decided that the caravan should wait here for them to go investigate the pathway Jaeron had spoken of.

Karma, Rex, Jaycee, Jaeron, Dragus and Xickst decided to be the group to investigate the pathway. They traveled for a full day before making camp at the base a few miles from the mountain. During the evening watch Dragus was kidnapped, when the others awoke there was no sign of where he had gone. Unable to track him the group continued to move towards their destination. With Jaeron’s direction they where able to find the entrance to a pass through the mountains, it was naturally camouflaged and difficult to see until they where right on it. The group traveled down the pass, until they got to a massive valley surrounded by the mountains.

Once the group was inside the valley they realized that it was growing late and they decided to setup camp and light a fire. They had begun to settle into camp when the reavers attacked. The main force concentrated on Karma, and their leader fought Rex. Karma began to fall in the battle when Jaycee dived to his rescue, and quickly cured him. Karma saw that Rex was about to fall to the leader’s blade, and he jumped into save the gnome. Unfortunately this left Jaycee open for several attacks and she fell. The battle raged on for some time with the heroes eventually winning the battle. The group tried but it was to late to save Jaycee.

The group rested as best they could but heard sounds of battle coming from deeper in the valley they also felt a huge rush of air. And saw the moon blocked out by a dark shape.

When the morning came they slowly moved to a camp that looked to be the Reavers home base. Outside in a large iron cage they found Dragus locked up but otherwise unharmed. In the main complex they found the bodies of the remaining reavers clawed to death. They also found the children that had been taken the day before. They also found the dead bodies of Wayne and the noble guardsman. In this same room they found a large table with 8 sets of blue gems on it, the gems seemed to match the one on the Reavers that teleported.

The also found a blocked doorway that had a bird symbol similar to the one on their hands. It looked to be barred so something could not get out. The group removed the blockade and Rex moved to investigate. Once he stepped through the door, it slammed behind him. He could see he was standing in a very large crypt with hundreds of stone coffins to either side of him. He then saw ghostly figures approaching him menacingly. He instinctively raised his had hand showing the brand, the ghosts halted their advance,

After what seemed like an eternity, an old looking gnome ghost approached Rex and spoke the following “My son, you and the others have all been brought here from many worlds, to protect this land from a great evil. You are the descendants of the original protectors of the lands. Generations have passed, but you are each important and have an important role to fill in the survival of this land.”

After they spoke the ghosts disappeared and the door opened and Rex was able to leave the tomb.


Xickst: Thrikren Ranger

Old Man Jesp

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 3)
Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Three DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Jeff: (Female Drow) Moonshade

Player Suzanne: (Female Changeling Druid) Brea

The group tried to calm the caravan’s fears about the giant, and even though it seemed pointless. After they had rested for a short bit they once again began to travel northeast.

After traveling for a half day they came to a fork in the road, one road led north to other cities of Krolos. They had heard rumor that these cities had fallen to the hordes of the north, but were not assured of their destruction. And the other path led to Freehold, the renegade section of Krolos that had broken away from the country and was naturally protected from the onslaught of the invading hordes.

The only thing that stood between the caravan and Freehold was a group of madmen known as the Reavers. Members of the caravan told the party members about the Reavers. How they wore red scarves that where very similar to the Krolos militaries red scarves. They also told stories of several of the Reavers atrocities, stealing children, eating people, and many more.

Three members of the group acted as scouts for the main caravan. Rex, Moonshade and Bree where members of this scout party, the rest of the party stayed with the caravan.. The group travel for half a day when the came across a natural land bridge that crossed a river. After briefly looking over the bridge, they noticed a figure calmly watching them. A bard looked at them smiled and began to play a song on his Lute, He was wearing brown leather armor, and wore a long red scarf with a swirl pattern

They immediately suspected he was a member of the Reavers and asked him how they could help him. The bard asked for a fairly steep toll to cross the land bridge, starting at silver per person. He later gave the group a couple other options. A, leave the giants with him (Cyclops and Karma) or B, for every 10 people one child. The group briefly thought over the proposals and then decided to simply ignore the bard and press on. The group slowly made it past the bard, who simply played music and waved at the children as they passed.

The caravan moved for a couple hours before they came into view of a single tower emitting red flame. Rex broke off from the main group and decided to investigate the tower. Once he was well away from the rest of the caravan, he was attacked. At the same time the entire caravan was attacked. Large barbarian looking Reaver’s appeared with smaller more dangerous looking ones on leashes. The larger ones looked physically larger and a meaner. The smaller one where completely cover in leather armor, and had nasty inward pointed spikes, it looked as though the spikes where used to hold whom ever they caught prisoner. They somehow appeared next to the caravan and immediately began to try and capture children. Once they had a child in there arms they started to disappear with their captives.

The group did their best to fend off the Reaver but 7 children where captured, Wayne the group’s, Halfling mapmaker and one of the noblemen’s bodyguard where also teleported away from the caravan.


Unnamed Bard:


Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 2)
Original Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn: Issue Two DM – DaCe

Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex

Player Jeff: (Female Drow) Moonshade

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma

Player Suzanne: (Female Changeling Druid) Brea

The members sat around a fire to get to know each other, when Weston shared tale of a granary that was located several days travel to the north. The group decided to split up half the group went to the granary to get food for the caravan of survivors.

The traveled into the forest until the group came across a pathway in the tree line. They quickly learned that any foliage that was in the pathway seemed thicker and more lush. They also noticed it look to lead directly towards the location they where heading so they decided to use it to travel on. Almost immediately Brea the druid felt a euphoric surge of power when she entered the area, her senses seemed acute and heightened. The group traveled along the path keeping an eye on the druid who did not seem to be aversely effected by the area. Until the group was able to see the back of a building and a rather large head that loomed over it.

It was then that the group moved off the path and spied on the village. It looked to be over run by several goblins and hobgoblins. They where using the humans as slave labor to load up a huge tarp that was harnessed to a large Cyclops. After watching the scene for sometime the group noticed that the goblins kept the humans in line with whips and the Hobgoblins seemed to be keeping the Cyclops in line with whips and swords.

After a bit of time they decided on attempting to free the giant and the humans. They set to their task, they first attempted to make the hobgoblins and goblins believe that Karma was one of their numbers, it did attract the attention of several of them. But eventually it became a brawl. It was then they learned that the goblins had a leader. He seemed to be a bugbear shaman and cast several spells at them. Even with this distraction they group freed the giant and eventually got it to turn on its masters. Once the battle was won they learned that the Shaman, named Biga Prik, had escaped from one of the barns. The group was unable to determine where he had gone or how we had escaped. The druid also let the party know that it looked like 2 separate lines of magical power crossed here and that where they crossed was even more powerful than the single line they had walked earlier. That night a glowing purple hue could be seen in the sky over the destroyed village.

The giant assisted the group with dragging the grain back to the caravan, which the leaders of the caravan where immediately and deeply concerned about the giants presence.


Biga Prik – Bugbear Shaman, was a leader of Hobgoblins and Goblins, they where defeated but Biga escaped

Cyclops – Cyclops Slave, freed by the group, drags a hug tarp behind him he has had his tongue removed and has countless scars, he also bears deep wounds from the harness he wore.

Crimson Dawn - Pregame (Game 1)
Original Crimson Damn

Crimson Dawn: Issue One DM – DaCe

Year of Shadows, 1358 DR

  • List Of Players * Player Bang: (Male Gnome Rogue) Rex was on a sailboat in Impurtir, due to an unfortunate misunderstanding involving the distribution of wealth. He was attempting to avoid any further issues with the guardsmen that had incorrectly accused him of thievery. He had only been trying to show the folly of material possessions… (right)

Player Skip: (Male Halfling Rogue) Wynne had hired on to a merchant vessel, as a navigator and cartographer. (left)

Player Jeff: (Female Drow) Moonshade was hired on to a boat to work and a bodyguard and lookout. (left)

Player Steve: (Male Elf Ranger) Belthil was standing on the shore of Evermeet looking out over the sea trying to decide what to do next. (left)

Player Brian: (Male ½ Orge Monk) Karma was sailing on a ship hauling cargo from Waterdeep. He was traveling with Kel a ranger from Alden Minor. (left)

Player/DM Dave (Male Human Necromancer) Dragus Absaroke, set sail on a mission to see an aging dragon. He traveled with his Master Lucius Blackmantel. He traveled from the Dragon Lands of Gulhanus. (right)

NPC (Female Human Cleric of Pelor) Jycee Brightchild was fishing with her fellow priests on the shores of the City of Greyhawk (left)

The Taken

Rex was attacked by two large water elementals that destroyed his rowboat and dragged him under the water.

Wynne was asked to come down to the captain’s quarters, to go over some maps that where to lead to a treasure of some sort. The mage in attendance started to cast divination spells that went awry. The mage began to melt and finally exploded a acidic substance all over the room that melted thru the hull of the ship. When Wynne went to the deck of the ship to find a lifeboat and escape the ship He was also attacked by 2 water elementals that dragged him off the ship.

Moonshade was in the crows nest when her ship was attacked, she tried to see what was attacking the ship. She was unable to do this until the entire ship had been capsized and she was in the water it was then she was attacked by huge water elemental. And dragged under the sea.

Belthil was standing on the edge of the beach looking out over a peaceful ocean When all of a sudden a huge wave that was up to his knees hit him. He felt as though it where trying to pull him out to sea. He was hit by a second wave and then dragged from the land into the dark waters.

Karma and the crew of the “The Ladies Jaunt” saw another ship on the horizon and the mage on board decided to use a gust of wind to give the ship a boost, His spell went aerie and instead of Gust of Wind the mage cast Fireball. The entire back of the ship exploded, and disappeared. Karma and Kel tried to get people to life boats but were cut short when they where attacked by 4 water elementals. They was a struggle and they where pulled under the water.

Dragus was sleeping in his quarters when, the ship disappeared; there was no wreckage just all the members of the crew in the water. It was then he was attacked by water elementals and after a brief struggle dragged deep into the depths.

Jycee was standing waist deep in the ocean fishing with her fellow priest one of there favorite pastimes, When she felt the water around her ankles become solid. Before she even understood what was happening she was dragged out to sea.


The sun was bright and high as each of the adventurers awoke. Each of them was located on a strip of beach, none of them knowing how they got there. A total of 32 people where on the beach and another 13 bodies of others where to be found. All of the members of both groups had gained a brand in their right or left palm. It quickly became evident that there where two very distinct groups the humans and the other group was the non-humans, with the exception of two humans that joined that group. The humans are led by Aust a human ranger. Who seemed to have a distinct dislike of Karma.

The larger group led by Aust left the beach and headed southwest. Our adventurering group gathered what equipment they could find, and headed more northeast.

Weapons 5 cutlass swords (one MW quality) 2 short sword MW Raiper (Kel’s) 1 MW greatsword Hand Axe Sling Longbow (46 arrows) 4 matching MW daggers (all the blades have a blue hue to the steel) Nasty looking curved dagger Iron shod Quarterstaff

Armor 3 suits of Leather (1 is wet) 1 suit of MW spiked leather 1 suit of halfling size leather MW Tower Shield (w/ purple dragon) Small wooden shield (w/ painted with a large eye) Three round Helmets

Misc Healer’s Kit Waterskin (salt water) 3 Water filed Waterskins One scroll (Kel’s list) 2 bedrolls 2 sets of thieves tools Bucket (smells of urine) 4 flasks of oil Iron pot Musical instrument (pipes) 3 pitons Small Barrel of Rum Signet ring (crossed swords, still attached to hand) Grappling hook 21 scarves: 6 Red, 1 Blue, 14 Brown Sealed box, Floating sealed with Wax filled with empty journals, all types of sizes and colors Leather case, with 24 vials in it looks like water seeped in all the labels and a book inside are ruined. Only one vial still has a sigil on it Skull with a cross out going through it) the other 24 vial are of different colored fluids 7 wooden holy symbols 2 silver holy symbols Walking stick with Elven writing Trunk of women’s clothing (evening gowns, and shoes) Sealed with a lock, large leather spellbook 12ft pole Black Cloak with silver lining (human sized)

Body Male Wearing Banded Plate (Engraved w/skull and crossbones) Buckler with skull and crossbones Tabbard (skull and crossbones) Locked Gauntlet MW Bastard sword Three belt pouches Silver dagger Pouch one (Copper tube w/ green tinted glass at both ends) 26 Copper pieces Pouch two (Manacles, ruined rations, sewing needle and thread, 2 broken vials, 2 empty, and one with a sparkling clear fluid) Pouch three (4 stones) Small backpack (three outfits entertainer’s outfit, noble’s outfit and scholar’s outfit, plus a disguise kit) Necklace of a Skull and Crossbones (ruby eyes)

Mangy dog

They gathered the above equipment and moved inland until they found a location. They felt would be a good rest spot. They set up camp and began to get to know one another better. They learned that most of them where from different areas all over the realms, except some of them where from different planes. It was also then that Wynne and Rex, decided they wanted to see what was under Moonshade’s cloak and executioners hood. This turned into a fiasco, where Moonshade decided it was best for her to be away from the group for the next couple days…

The group decided to search the surrounding area (except Moonshade) and they came across a group of Goblins and Hobgoblins. Whom they swiftly defeated, but not before the death of Kel who had arrived with Karma. But the found out that the goblins where called “Eye” and when they followed the survivors

It was after this battle that the group decided to stay close to the caravan for mutual protection, even though they did not agree with all of the politics of the caravan. This was also the time that they found another survivor Brea, a human with spots similar to a leopard


Kel – Human Male Ranger (DECEASED) came to Krolos with Karma, died in a battle with goblins.

Aust – Human Male Ranger leads the second group of arrivals, took a instant dislike to Karma and most of the other non-humans, seems to be the main reason the group split up.

White Rabbit – Human Female Ranger, local to Krolos seems to be the guardian of Weston

Weston the Green – Elderly Human Male Druid, local to Krolos seems to be a spiritual leader of the refugees

Lord Dorma – Human Male Aristocrat, local to Korlos noblemen who is apart of the refugees.

Kragis – Human Male Servitor, local to Korlos, he seems to be the leader of the servitors


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